Therapeutic Retreats

I conduct healing retreats. In these retreats, a small group of people come together to submerse themselves in an intense healing environment. The extended time in a contained healing environment enables people to move through their issues in a deeper, more intensive manner than weekly 45 minute appointments allow. It also allows people who are hoping to connect to others engaged in the healing process an opportunity to do so.

Here are some of the things participants have said about the retreats:

“The gifts I received this weekend were personal growth and expansion of self, transformation to freedom and boldness in my life.” 

“A powerful and moving experience that I will take with me home and into my life”

“This was an incredible healing experience with lots of loving energy and support.  I would pay twice as much for the next time.”

“If you want to experience true healing then I would urge you to attend a retreat.”

“This retreat was one of the most amazing healing experiences I’ve ever had”

Please contact me if you are interested in attending a general retreat or if you are interested in creating a specific healing retreat for a preselected group of people.