Mary Underwood has been a true blessing to me and my family. As a mother of an 8 year old struggling with anxiety and fear of being without her mother I was exhausted, and out of ideas and ways to help her. Mary helped me to understand what my child could not put into words and how I could help her. She provided a comfortable, non-threatening, fun environment that my child enjoyed being a part of. She looked forward to her visits and would even let me know when she needed a visit with “Ms. Mary”. She was taught techniques to help her manage her fears and developed the confidence she needed to work through her anxieties and “worries”. I am pleased with my child’s growth and very thankful to Mary for all her hard work and determination to not give up on us. My child has a friend and confidant in “Ms. Mary” and I feel good knowing that if and when other issues arise she will be there.
Mother of an 8 Year Old Girl
Ms. Mary helps me with my problems by playing games with me, drawing, and using the sandbox. She has this cat named Shanti. She really helps me. She also helps me by letting me make boxes like worry boxes and dream boxes. It is awesome. I love her and I hope you will too!!!!
9 Year Old Girl
When I entered therapy with Mary, I knew she valued a strong therapeutic relationship and had varied and multiple skills she could offer. I, too, came to understand their value along with the safety and tenderness she offers. For me, attachment issues have created a lot of broken relationships and ways of relating in my life that have been painful and isolating. Mary was able to tread lightly through the unanswered questions of my heart with a consistent nurturing and strength that were vital to my personal healing and growth. I'm so thankful for her knowledge, hard work, and dedication to my healing and her ability to meet me wherever I am in the process of loving myself and others more fully.
Female, age 48
Choosing to try Awakening Energies was my final attempt at trying to find help, hope, happiness, just simply life. I have found these things and so much more. Therapy hasn't been just a life changing experinece for me, it has been life saving. For me walking through the door for the first session was a big step. The fact I returned the next week willingly was simply unheard of previously. Mary makes it easy to want to come back with her friendly and laid-back personality. Her genuine compassion and desire to help is astounding. The environment is positive and inviting. Without Mary, her incredible compassionate devotion and vast knowledge of therapeutic modalities, I know I would not be anywhere close to where I am now at creating a happy well balanced life for myself. She worked at finding the right tools and therapy approach that was unique to me and my needs. If you have the personal desire, drive, and dedication to want to make improvements in your life, then Mary and Awakening Energies is the place to be.
Female, 27 yr old.
"Mary has been helping me on and off for several years. She has really improved the quality of my life and allowed me to function at such a positive level. I have even made life changes with the self confidence and mind clarity that I have gained from my sessions. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Awakening Energies. Mary is Amazing!!"
Female, 48 yr old
As someone who was skeptical of therapy in general, let alone energy therapy, my fears quickly dissipated when Mary worked with my 14 year old daughter. In a very short session, she was able to release the negative energy that was controlling her and give her skills to keep her anxiety at bay. I would highly recommend Mary and energy therapy to anyone, young or old.
Mother of a 14 yr old
Mary is a truly gifted healer. Compared to prior experiences in therapy, sessions with her have been unexpectedly enlightening and rewarding. Her unconventional techniques have allowed me to penetrate the depths of my unresolved issues. With her compassionate and loving presence, barriers in my life are transforming in the light of new understanding and perspective. Any soul looking to evolve in consciousness will greatly benefit from Mary's ground breaking methods. I'm excited to witness the integration of energy healing and spiritual psychology into mainstream knowledge and other fields of study. Our specie is ready for revolution, to transcend old patterns of thinking and behaviors
Male, 26 yr old
Mary has helped me to let go of some long-held energy of traumatic events from childhood. She is thorough, gentle, and patient in guiding me through some rocky emotional memories. She uses a step-by-step process in clearing these energy blockages from my chakras. When I leave Mary’s office I feel lighter and I have a more positive approach toward life in general. I would highly recommend her services.
Female, 68 yr old