Energy and Mind-Body Healing Techniques

My first experience with mind-body techniques was flying to San Diego in 2001 to learn EMDR. I was amazed by the transformative power it possessed. Over the next six years I was able to use EMDR to help a large number of people, but I discovered that while remarkable, it was not one size fitsall. I knew there had to be other effective tools out there. Then in 2007, I discovered ACEP (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology). ACEP introduced me to a whole new framework of healing. I took a 2 year journey to become certified in comprehensive energy psychology, gaining a strong foundation from which healing can occur. From that point forward, I have been expanding my tool box to incorporate a wide variety of power tools to help people in their desire to heal.

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Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) Certified Practitioner

I am a certified AIT practitioner. AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) is a mind-body therapy that uses one of the body’s energy system known as chakras. Chakras are centers within the body that hold specific energy. There are seven main chakras located on the body. AIT moves stuck and/or negative energy through those seven locations and out of the body.
AIT is based on the belief that creating change in the present requires thoroughly clearing the roots of the present issue and then clearing the connections between the root cause and the current ways the issue is showing up in your life. AIT also treats the emotions and core beliefs that have been created from issue.
I have received training in the overall use of AIT as well as training in how to specifically use AIT with PTSD, OCD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, personality disorders and attachment trauma.
People frequently find their lives transformed through this process.
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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a mind-body therapy that uses acupressure points. Acupressure points are specific spots on the body that are used to access the meridians, which are the channels that move energy through the body. By tapping on those points one can clear stuck energy that is feeding current problems. EFT is a simple process that can result in rapid changes in emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
People are frequently shocked to see lifelong fears and phobias disappear in a few minutes.
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EMDR Certified Practitioner

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is one of the most researched and well known of the mind-body techniques. EMDR uses a simple intervention to process memories, traumas, and fears that people can’t move past.
There is a large body of research including brain MRIs that show EMDR can create significant long-term change for people.
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Heart Assisted Therapy (HAT)

Heart Assisted Therapy (HAT) is a therapy that uses the energy of the heart to transform thoughts, emotions, and behavior. HAT is a very simple technique that is surprisingly powerful. People access the heart though crossing their hands over their heart. By simply breathing into your heart, you become calmer and clearer. HAT uses that clarity, positive self-affirmations, and the energy of the heart to clear stuck issues and allow desired changes to occur.
People are often shocked that such a simple process can create such deep, significant, and lasting change.
What to experiment with the power of the heart’s energy? Try this:
Find a calm place to sit for a few minutes. Scan your body, mind, and emotions and note the level of internal chaos. Then cross your hands over the center of your chest. Take 3 normal deep breaths. Place the bottom hand on top and take 3 normal deep breaths. Place the bottom hand on top and take 3 normal deep breaths. While you are doing this, let thoughts float by without grabbing any of them. After you are done, scan your body, mind, and emotions again. As the vast majority of people feel significantly calmer after this process, you should notice a difference.

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BodyTalk is a therapeutic system that uses the body’s innate wisdom to help it heal.

What is the body’s innate wisdom?
Our body knows how to heal itself. Think about getting a cut or a bruise. You don’t have to consciously choose for it to heal; the different parts of the body work together to make that happen. However, there are a lot of environmental factors that interfere with our body’s natural communication, such as lack of sleep, pollution and stress.
BodyTalk is a gentle, non-evasive technique that uses tapping formulas to re-establish that communication.

What can I expect from a BodyTalk session?
When you come in for an appointment, you will lie on the massage table, remaining completely clothed. I will gently rub my thumb over your forearm in order to communicate with your body about what is out of balance. Afterwards, I will tell you what information I am getting and describe the formulas I will be using to re-establish natural healing.

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Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR)

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) is based on a complex theory within quantum physics known as the holographic principal.
The following is a very simplistic explanation of this theory and how it is used within this technique:
The world is constantly recreating itself and so is everything else within the universe. This process of recreation is driven by a holographic imprint of what the thing being recreated is suppose to be. Branching from this idea is the belief that human beings carry a holographic imprint of themselves. This is supported by the scientific fact that the human body isconstantly recreating itself. In fact, we know that within a seven year time frame every part of our body has recreated itself, so that we have a completely different body than the one we had seven years ago. If technically we have a different knee than the one we injured 20 years ago, why does it still hurt? Within this theory, it is because your holographic imprint says that your knee is injured and therefore incorporates the injury into the new knee when it is created.
How does HMR work?
HMR uses hand holds, active imagination, and the energetic frequency of color to rewrite the holographic imprint and allow the body and mind to release old patterns and return to optimal health.
It is a surprisingly powerful tool for transformation.
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LifeLine Technique

The LifeLine Technique gets its name from the belief that emotions are the lifeline (ie. portal) into the healing power of creation. It is a system that acknowledges and transforms reactive symptoms and relationships through the power of observation, intention, declarative statements, and the power of infinite love and gratitude.
The LifeLine Technique can use your thoughts, your emotions, or physical symptoms to find the healing path. It incorporates the chakra system, the 5 elements of Chinese medicine, body chemistry, the meridian system, and alternating bilateral stimulation (the same tool used with EMDR and NLP) to effect change. It is a comprehensive and thorough system that strives to completely eliminate the root problem of the symptoms.
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